The War at Troy – Figure Set 1 – Painted
March 1, 2016
The War at Troy – Chariot Set (LOD002)
November 11, 2016
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The War at Troy – Figure Set 2 – Painted


Throughout ancient times, the chariot has projected power and prestige whether as a conveyance or a weapon during conflict.  The plains of Troy were no different.  LOD Enterprises wants to bring that feeling to your ancient plastic armies.


The vibrant colors of the chariots offer a stark contrast to the grit and grime of the warriors in their struggle outside the Walls of Troy.  The second War at Troy figure set includes two chariots, four horses, two charioteers (one Greek and one Trojan), and two new warrior poses (one Greek and one Trojan).

Each set includes duplicates of the warrior pose for a grand total of 12 pieces.  All are hand painted with exquisite detail down to the feathers on the Greek helmets to the decorative components contained on the chariots and horses.

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