New Products Debut Tomorrow on Website and at Chicago Toy Soldier Show!

We are excited to be participating in the Chicago Toy Soldier Show again this weekend.  Last year's event was canceled so our 40th anniversary show had to wait until 2021.

LOD will be releasing multiple product sets tomorrow, both at the show in Schaumburg and online within the website.  The figure sets include the following ....

LOD037 (American Revolution Cavalry) $30.00 per set with three choices of colors.

LOD045 (Maid Marian and the Merry Men) $25.00 per set with five poses from the Barzso Vault and a brand new Maid Marian pose (figures are in green resin).

LOD046 (Ares and Athena) $15.00 per set as the Greek Gods make their debut.  This starter set is also in green resin and the figures are closer to 72mm (They are Gods after all).

LOD047 (The Vultures) $10.00 per set.  Three vulture sculpts will help fill out your battlefield or add the buzzards to your Western town dioramas.  Green resin is the choice with the initial run.

LOD048 (Robin Hood Character Figures)  $20.00 per set.  The character figures from the Barzso medieval playsets of yesteryear are back in green resin.  They are ready to do battle in Sherwood Forest or outside the walls of the Fortified Abbey.

International customers - please send me a message with the products you are interested in.  The web store is not able to calculate international shipping charges, but we will research and get back to you right away.

Thank you for your support and patience as we waited for our new products to arrive.  Our partners in manufacturing and product design have been working hard for the past twelve months and we appreciate all of their hard work.



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  • Hi,I just ordered the Dukes Stronghold, tickled that you have it back in production !! I missed buying one and have regretted it since. Have you considered reissuing the Schooner ship ( not the Treasure Island Pirate Ship ) , it was only available a short time and in limited availability ? Thank You for your contributions to our hobby. Best Regards, Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson

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