New Painted French & Indian War Figures from LOD Enterprises

Painted figures from the French & Indian War were featured in a display at TundraCon earlier this month.  The figures are all resin and from the Barzso catalog.

Poses from multiple sets were painted to glued to wooden discs for potential use in an upcoming game.  These sets are in the web store and available for purchase.  The sets, in some instances, do not contain every pose, but all of the shooting and action poses are included.  The figure sets included are as followed ….

LOD031 (British Firing Line)

LOD035 & LOD036 (Pioneer)

LOD040, LOD041, and LOD043 (Rogers’ Rangers) (photo below)

LOD063 (French Infantry) & LOD064 (French Militia)

Thanks for taking a look!  We think these are some of our best painted figures yet. Our painter continues to refine his craft and we share in the benefits :)




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