New Foam Products Added to Website and Figure Set Restock

We have been working to stay busy and replenish our inventory with a number of products.  We have restocked the following figure sets .....

LOD012 (American Regular Army) in both blue and white.  The white is new and the figures can be used to represent the French allies during the Revolutionary War.

LOD046 (Ares and Athena) - Two of the Greek Gods who were all too willing to participate in the Trojan War.  These figures are larger (90mm from the bottom of the base to the top), but they are immortals, thus the prominent figure seize.

LOD047 (the Vultures) - an accessory set that crosses many eras and can be used wherever casualties lie.  This set includes three vultures.

From a foam standpoint, we are busier than ever.  Brand new releases today (3/25) include the Locksley Manor House (comes with six low walls), the Nottingham Castle Damaged Wall & Tower, and the set of two trees from the Battle of Bushy Run Playset.

Thanks for taking a look and keep checking back.  The resin sets come in and out of stock quickly due to the smaller runs.  We are running various colors and sets all the time.


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