Medieval Era Structures, Trebuchets, and Wagons - Oh My!

From the creative and talented Mike Luteran, LOD is happy to partner with Volk Designs to offer a number of unique items that work from medieval times up to and through the early 1800's.  

There are ten (10) different houses and buildings available.  As each one is handmade, no two are alike and once they are gone, they are gone.  We have three different sizes and price points to select from.  Please look up "Volk Designs" in the webstore and take a peek.

There are also trebuchets, ladders to scale walls, and wagons to carry supplies available.

These are fun accessories and liven up any diorama with attacking knights or even townspeople in early North America.  I know Ichabod Crane will be fleeing a certain equestrian later this fall in a town full of Volk Designs.


Thanks for taking a look and have a great summer!








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