LOD Foam Update - April 2024

The first quarter of the year has seen a few changes at LOD Enterprises.  One of the biggest changes is that our foam structures are now being produced at Isle Labs.  We have enjoyed a strong partnership with them for years as they have run our Walls of Troy and Trojan Horse models.  Isle Labs also handles many of the foam pieces for MicShaun's Closet so they are very familiar with our hobby.

We have started the transition with a number of the medieval pieces in the catalog.  The Nottingham Castle, Locksley Manor, Fortified Abbey, and Duke's Stronghold are all available.  The next wave will be the items from the Lexington Green collection as well as the various pieces from the Barzso Southwest collection.

The intent is to have all of the items available before the end of the second quarter.  Our partnerships with various toy soldier dealers around the world are still strong and I appreciate their patience with us as well.

Please feel free to send us a note with any questions or comments.

Thank you for sticking with LOD Enterprises and your loyalty to the products and hobby.  We appreciate you.


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