LOD Enterprises Aliens Take Over a Marx Classic

The Marx Sears Playset from 1961 was available for one year.  It has taken on a nostalgic feel as such due both to its scarcity and how it captures a simpler time.

One of the complaints with the set was a complete lack of conflict (Black Friday early bird sales did not exist yet), but using a little imagination, we changed that. 

Our new aliens featured in sets LOD017 and LOD018 have taken over the department store.  The multiple colors in the Playset mesh well with the green and grey aliens.

We hope everyone is having a good holiday season and thank you for the support.  


  • Great stuff Ken! Cleanup aliens in aisle 6! The Sears Store was huge, with display tables, window displays, an Outdoor Center – covered in playset Magazine Issue 6 (Playsetmagazine.com)…

    Russell Stephen Kern
  • Is the Sears store set for sale?

    Pam Connolly
  • More information , please

    James Gordon

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