Army Builder Sets Available

We are pleased to introduce army builder sets with figures from medieval times to the American War of Independence.  There are a total of eight different sets available.  Most have twelve (12) figures and a retail price of $10.00 plus shipping.

They are listed under the LOD Army Builder Sets collections.

Thanks for taking a look and have fun building out your armies!


  • love all your stuff. working on large yorktown diorama. can’t wait for the cavalry!

    averel snyder
  • Do you sell the rule book “REBELS AND PATRIOTS”? If so, how much does it cost?

    Charles w Mason
  • Hello Bruce and John … Thanks for the comments and questions.

    Bruce – good inquiry about the army builders and whether they will extend to the War at Troy series. The answer is yes! We have archers arriving with our next plastic shipment. That is scheduled to arrive early next month and there will be archers galore!

    John – we are extending the Rev War line with a calvary set next year. We are in the early stages of production and looking at a fall release of the calvary sets. We are shooting for six new poses and in multiple colors.


    LOD Enterprises
  • Great idea for filling out the ranks! Any chance you will offer an army builder set of archers for the Trojan War?


    Bruce Chew
  • Hello,
    Do you have any plans to extend the Revolutionary War line?
    Thank you, John

    John N Pezzola

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