April 1, 2017

New Midwest Dealer for LOD Enterprises

As we march towards spring and leave March behind us, we are excited to introduce Trains and Toy Soldiers as our newest dealer and distributor of […]
March 27, 2017

Painted LOD Figure Sets on Sale!

New sets of freshly painted figures arrived this weekend!  All figure sets are in stock and available painted.  These figures convey the harsh reality of life […]
February 18, 2017

Painted Medieval Figures Available at LOD Store!

The famous and celebrated Robin Hood figure sets from Barzso Playsets have been re-released by LOD Enterprises.  The two figure sets, each with 16 figures in […]
February 7, 2017

Robin Hood’s Merry Men and the Sheriff’s Men

A timeless tale of heroes and villains is, once again, available for collectors to re-create.  Heroic outlaws “robbing from the rich to give to the poor” […]
January 1, 2017

New Year’s Sale – LOD2017 for 17% Discount!!

Reinforce your walls and build your armies.  We are starting off 2017 with a sale on all Figure Sets as well as the Walls of Troy. […]
January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from LOD Enterprises!!

November 24, 2016

LOD Enterprises Holiday Sale ~ 10% coupon

The holiday season is upon us and LOD Enterprises’ Black Friday sale starts immediately.  Please enter troy2016 to save 10% on all figure sets, both unpainted […]
November 11, 2016

War at Troy Series 2 – Chariot Set

The second series from the War at Troy series is here and available on the website.  The set includes 12 total pieces and include new warrior […]
October 11, 2016

War at Troy Battle ~ Painted Figure Sets

The battles raged for over ten years before the Greeks devised an all-time ruse to gain access to the famed city of Troy.  Here are a […]
September 30, 2016

Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2016

The Chicago Toy Soldier Show (formerly OTSN) played host to toy soldier collectors for the 36th time last weekend.  The show, officially held on Sunday, September […]