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February 1, 2020
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April 9, 2020
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Three New Barzso Sets Available!

LOD Enterprises is pleased to re-introduce three new Native American sets from the Barzso Playsets collection. Each figure set includes seven (7) poses and is available for $25.00 plus shipping.

Thank you stopping by. The figure sets are in the web store under Barzso Figure Sets – resin. They will also be available at toy stores worldwide starting next week.


  1. newman says:

    what toy stores?

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Newman ~ thanks for the message. The figures are available at Classic Toy Soldiers, MicShaun’s Closet, Hobby Bunker, Toy Soldier Company, and Warhorse Miniatures in the States. Most of our other sets are available in hobby stores nationwide along with various vendors on Amazon and eBay. Of course, they are also available are our website.

      Thanks ~ Ken

  2. Jeff Paulin says:

    I have recently purchased 5 revolutionary war figure sets, I am very impressed by the beautiful detail. The officer figures in my British regular army set was unfortunately missing the hat that is supposed to be on the base, is there any way to get the hats or replacement figures? Will you be adding any artillery sets in the future or even civilian figures like women or children from the same time period? I have always wanted to make my very own revolutionary war chess set and I feel these figures are the only ones that could make a stunning chess set. Keep on adding new sets I really love them.

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Jeff ~ thanks for the message and feedback. In regards to the missing hats, I apologize for that. When we had the sets rerun, the factory did not include the hat on the base. We did not realize it until after we shipped out multiple cases to vendors. I have additional figures ordered with hats and will send you replacements when I receive them. They should arrive in late spring or early June.

      We are running a number of female characters from the Barzso Playsets catalog. Most of them would work for the Rev War era, in my opinion. Those should also be available in late spring or as we head into summer. Artillery and cavalry sets for that time period are also in the queue.

      Thank you for the support!


  3. Everett Atwater says:

    i’m looking for ancient egyptians and carthaginian do you know where i could look?

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Everett ~ thanks for the question. I would suggest Hobby Bunker, Toy Soldier Company, and Classic Toy Soldiers. All three offer a wide array of current and older plastic figures. They should have something for you for both Egyptians or Carthaginians.


  4. Paul says:

    Where can I buy these in England?


    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Paul …. Thank you for the note and interest in the Barzso Native American sets. The Cherokee, Huron, and Shawnee Indian sets are currently out of stock. They have been re-ordered and will be available again this summer.

      We do have one distributor in the UK – Steve Weston of Weston Toy Soldiers. I expect he will have these in stock as well at the end of the summer. He carries all of our lines and expect he would do the same with these.

      I apologize for the delayed response and thank you for your patience. Our next exchange will not have a lag such as this one.


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