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Amazons and Barzso Figure Sets

Sample of Barzso Sets in Stock

Union casualties (21 sets @ $25.00 per set) – blue
Confederate casualties (19 sets @ $25.00) – grey
Confederate camp (6 sets @ $25.00) – grey
Aztec Sacrifice (6 sets @ $10.00) – two pieces
Lewis and Clark character figures (2 sets @ $25.00) – 6 pieces (blue)
Civil War Signal Corps (2 sets @ $10.00) – 2 figures
Wooden Lean-to (2 sets @ $8.00) – 3 pieces

The Amazons battle the Greeks outside the Walls of Troy

The 15th LOD Enterprises set, the Amazons, are now available in the web store and Toy Soldier stores all over the world. Each figure set includes 12 pieces – 4 infantry poses (X 2), 2 mounted poses, and 2 horses. Beautifully sculpted, these figures retail for $28.00 USD plus shipping.


  1. Brad Jorgensen says:

    I want one of the Lewis and Clark character figure sets but can’t see how to order it from you. Please reserve one set for me and let me know how to order it. Thank you.

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Brad – thank you for the message and interest in the Lewis & Clark Character Set. This has proven to be a popular choice and we are currently sold out of the set. We are rerunning this and many others right now. It should be available before the holidays. We will continue to update the website and social media on the status.

      I will mark you down for one and they will be loaded into the web store soon.

      Thanks again for the note and interest.


  2. Michael says:

    Ken –

    I would like to purchase the Aztec Sacrifice set, Lewis and Clark character figure sets, Union Casualties set, and Confederate Casualties set. Please let me know when I could order it.


    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Michael – thanks for the message and sorry for the delayed response. We are currently out of the Lewis & Clark set, but will have it in stock before the end of the year. If you would like, I can alert you as soon as we receive our restock and get you everything at once?

      Let me know and thank you for your interest!

      Ken @ LOD

  3. Craig W Scribner says:

    I would like to reserve a Lewis and Clark Character Figure Set too.
    Please put my name on your list and kindly advise when available.
    Thanks, Ken.

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Craig … Thanks for the note and I have you down for the Lewis & Clark character set. They are in the production queue now and I hope to have them near or right after the holidays.

      Thanks again for reaching out!


  4. Scott Schleh says:

    Wish you would reissue Barzso’s “seated Romans”

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Scott …. thanks for the note and suggestion. The “seated Romans” will be done sometime next year as they are in the queue. We appreciate the interest and feedback.


  5. JB Jones says:

    Did you purchase molds for the Barzso castle line structures?

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Good morning JB ~ thanks for the comment and question. Yes, we did purchase the molds for the Barzso castle line structures in addition to the figure molds. We are currently running the Lexington Green foam pieces but will expand after the first of the year. Thanks again for reaching out and sorry for the delay in responding. Ken

  6. Rick Davis says:

    lHello Ken, It about time we met and hooked up. My name is Rick Davis. I have the best 54mm toy soldier store on eBay on a few different levels.
    I am probably the biggest Barzso seller on there except fpr one who is way over priced all the time.
    The big question is ….how can I become a dealer? Like Hobby Bunker or Michagan Toy Soldiers.My store;

    does $3000 per month strictly on toy soldiers. I aim for $4,000 by the end of this quarter. I am an authorized dealer for Expeditionary Forces. Having been in the wholesale business and the retail business for 40 years I have the know how , strategies to keep on steam rolling to bigger numbers, provided I get some more support from mfg’s like you guys.
    One thing I can say is that if I was to sell your products they would enjoy the best exposure on eBay, and lets be real, eBay is it.
    So, I will give you my email addy and hope we can resume this dialogue there.
    best wishes on your ‘inherited’ like…LOD-Barzso


  7. Everett Atwater says:

    will there be more aztecs ?

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Everett ~ thanks for the question and interest. We will be running the Aztecs in time, but not sure of the release date as of yet. We do have the two piece Aztec Sacrifice vignette for $12.50. It will be posted on the website early next week.

      Ken @LOD

  8. Everett Atwater says:

    will they be 1/30 scale or 1/32 ?

  9. Everett Atwater says:

    how many poses of aztec will there be? (forget about the last question ).

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