New Products and Early October Update from LOD

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September 23, 2018
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October 30, 2018
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New Products and Early October Update from LOD

The development team at LOD Enterprises has had a busy 2018 – new products and variations across three eras released over the last few months!

As we enter into fall, a slew of new products are available from LOD Enterprises.  On the heels of a successful show in Chicago, the new 6” plastic Santa and British Officer are available both unpainted ($17.50) and painted ($30.00).  The unpainted versions offer a choice of either red or white.

The boxed figure set, Santa’s Christmas Delivery was also a big hit at the Show.  This attractive set includes sixteen pieces and is available in the web store and at dealers all over the country and a few places worldwide (for new – expansion is imminent as the holiday shopping heats up).  The retail price is $22.50 and will make a great gift for kids, grandkids, or yourself this Christmas season.

In addition to the holiday offerings, we have the four (4) new Rev War figure sets that are included in the last Ron Barzso Playset, the Battle at Yorktown.  Each set includes 16 figures in 8 poses and the following are available ….

British Regular Army (LOD 010)

British Light Infantry (LOD 011)

American Regular Army (LOD 012)

American Light Infantry (LOD 013)

Each set retails for $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

The War at Troy series added a variation to their collection.  The original figure set which contains 16 infantry figures in 8 poses has been re-run with the defenders of Troy in grey.  As everyone familiar with the story knows, the ancient city had many nations come to their aid to hold off the attacking Greeks.  Now collectors can add grey Trojans (or allies) to their dioramas as.  This figure set retails for $27.00.

Last but not least, here is a sneak peek at the 2019 release of the Amazons.  Final detailing is being worked on for the figures, but expect a 12-14 piece set with warriors on horseback and on foot.   This set will be part of the War at Troy series.

Thanks for taking a look and happy shopping!  Please feel free leave a comment or offer a review of the figures in the web store ~ the LOD team.

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