LOD Enterprises to Release Christmas Set for 2018!

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February 11, 2018
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March 20, 2018
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LOD Enterprises to Release Christmas Set for 2018!

Clocks spring ahead today, winter is slowly loosening its grip, and thoughts turn to spring and nicer weather. Why not have an update regarding a new release from LOD Enterprises that incorporates one of the best times in the winter season?

While we will release four new toy soldier sets in 2018, there is also a new Christmas set which will be out in time for the holidays!

This exciting non-soldier set will feature Santa Claus, three elves, reindeer, and a sleigh. The figures will be in the traditional LOD scale (60-63mm). The poses will depict the North Pole team at work on the final touches with presents before Santa departs on his famous annual voyage all over the world.

We are excited as this set will provide a bridge for collectors and their kids (or grandkids) who may not yet have been introduced to toy soldiers or our beloved plastic army men. These figures will have playability, can be painted, and used as collectibles to be displayed during the holidays.

These photos represent the 3D print models used to present the idea to the factory. As the prototypes are finished and test shots sent out, there will be more updates on the site.

Thanks for stopping by and please reach out with any questions or comments.

Ken Ciak

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