LOD Enterprises Update – February 2018

Sale on Robin Hood and the Revolutionary War Figure Sets
January 12, 2018
LOD Enterprises to Release Christmas Set for 2018!
March 11, 2018
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LOD Enterprises Update – February 2018

We hope the winter is treating you well. It has been a cold season in the upper Midwest, but lots of things happening at LOD Enterprises to share with you.

2017 was our best year yet for new sales. The War at Troy line continued to sell well. The Heroes of the Iliad set, the Wooden Horse of Troy, and Ancient Warship helped to continue to fill out the burgeoning line.

The additons of the Revolutionary War and Robin Hoods set added new customers and surpassed expectations in their first year. To celebrate the success of the new sets, they are currently on sale in the web store at $20.00 per set (unpainted) and $40.00 (painted).

There is also a sale on all foam pieces from the Walls of Troy to the Ancient Warship and, last but not least, the Wooden Horse of Troy. Please enter “foam2018” to receive a 15% discount on your foam order.

We are also excited to announce that our figure sets have started to be reviewed by the popular YouTube site Army of Toys. Robin Hood and his Merry Men were reviewed three weeks ago and all of the LOD sets are in the queue. Please take a look at the site and the videos that Army of Toys have published.

This last item is not directly related to LOD Enterprises, but dear to my love of all things Troy. Jeff Wright has a wonderful podcast all about the Trojan War. It is aptly named Trojan War: The Podcast. There is also additional information at www.trojanwarpodcast.com.

Work continues to be done on the figure set releases for 2018. It promises to be a fun year for LOD Enterprises and I hope collectors all over the world think so as well.

Thanks for reading and taking a look at everything. Please feel free to send a note on anything LOD Enterprises related.


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