War at Troy Starter Set – Trojan Horse and Figures

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November 24, 2017
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War at Troy Starter Set – Trojan Horse and Figures

We added a new product bundle to the shop this week. For the holidays, we have created a War at Troy starter set that will introduce collectors to our War at Troy series as well as our foam pieces.

The bundle is priced at $99 plus shipping/handling ($18.75) and you will receive the following items.

1) The foam Horse measuring 15 inches in height and length. This beautifully sculpted piece is the centerpiece of any Trojan War setup and looks as imposing as the legend has it when lined up with the plastic figures.

2) Speaking of plastic figures, the War at Troy series has three unique sets – one infantry, one with chariots, and the most recent one contains the Heroes of the Iliad. The starter bundle will include figures from each of the three sets to provide a sampling of each. There will be four (4) poses from the initial infantry set, a chariot and charioteer from the second second set (additional warrior pose as well), and three (3) poses from the Heroes of the Iliad set. A grand total of twelve (12) figures will be included (figures will vary by bundle but pose count will be consistent across all orders).

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We hope this holiday bundle is the tipping point for collectors who have been hesitant to start a new era or try the War at Troy series. The detail on the figures and Trojan Horse will impress you and the contents are a great start for a vignette. But rest assured, we have plenty of other great sets and prodcuts to turn the vignette into a full scale Bronze Age diorama!

Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. Happy Holidays!


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