Achilles – War at Troy Figure Set 3 Featured Figure

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September 3, 2017
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September 20, 2017
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Achilles – War at Troy Figure Set 3 Featured Figure

Achilles speaking to his mother Thetis (Book 19) “Mother – armour sent by the god – your’e right, only immortal gods could forge such work, no man on earth could ever bring it off!  Now, by heave, I’ll arm and go to war”.


Achilles, the main character in Homer’s Iliad, is both the centerpiece when engaging the Trojan army or sitting idly by while the Greeks wage war outside the Walls of Troy.  The almost invincible warrior makes his debut in the third War at Troy figure set.  The finely sculpted figure has tremendous detail on his shield and helmet just as they were forged by a god in the famed story.

The wounded and dead warrior are also included in the third figure set.  They, along with Achilles, are part of 10 new poses in the set.  Orders are being taken now and new figure sets will begin shipping next week.

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