LOD Painted Figure Sale – Memorial Day Weekend

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April 14, 2017
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LOD Painted Figure Sale – Memorial Day Weekend

LOD Enterprises is having a Memorial Day weekend sale on painted figure sets.  All figure sets in the store are 20% with the ‘paint2017″ coupon.  There are full sets of all figures except for the War at Troy chariot set.  If you are interested in the chariot set, the coupon is eligible for that set as well.  The painter is currently working on additional chariot sets as in additional to the Sheriff’s Men.

A special deal on the Revolutionary War painted figures.  There are 80 British Grenadiers (90% in firing line formation) and 30 Colonial Minutemen (all 8 poses represented with 14 in firing poses).  The entire lot is available for $500 (regular price would be $687.50 plus shipping).  This includes shipping domestically.

There is also a special War at Troy set with 16 Greek spearmen painted with black armor and shields to replicate Achilles’ Myrmidons in the movie Troy.


Sample of Revolutionary War painted figures.

IMG_5625 IMG_5627 IMG_5628

Robin Hood and Co. set to engage the Sheriff’s Men.


Greeks and Trojans square off …..

IMG_5636 IMG_5638

Full lot of British Grenadiers.  80 total with 72 in one of four firing line poses.


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