Painted Medieval Figures Available at LOD Store!
February 18, 2017
New Midwest Dealer for LOD Enterprises
April 1, 2017
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New sets of freshly painted figures arrived this weekend!  All figure sets are in stock and available painted.  These figures convey the harsh reality of life and death conflict.  They are not glamorized in any way, but also retain the rugged and courageous look that propelled them to fight for what they believed in.


Each figure set cost $50 USD for 8 poses outside of the War at Troy chariot set.  That set is $100 USD for twelve pieces.

Enter code Paint2017 and receive 15% off of the product price when you order two or more figure sets (or spend $100 USD on a chariot set).

These painted figures look tremendous and you will see the love and passion for history the painter has.  He varies each and every set so building an army will contain nuances and different colors/shades throughout you diorama.

We look forward to hearing from you after you take a look in the store!


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