War at Troy Series 2 – Chariot Set

War at Troy Battle ~ Painted Figure Sets
October 11, 2016
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November 24, 2016
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War at Troy Series 2 – Chariot Set

The second series from the War at Troy series is here and available on the website.  The set includes 12 total pieces and include new warrior poses for both the Greek and Trojan side.  The chariots come assembled and each is manned by a charioteer and two horses.

img_3630 img_3955

img_3962 img_3966 img_3696 img_3828 img_3767


  1. Bruce Perrone says:

    Ken: Just wanted to let you know that your figures are awesome! Keep up the great work. Would love to see hero figures and wounded and dead poses also. These would add to a battle so much more. Again, great work on the figures and keep making more!!!

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Bruce ~ thank you for the comment and positive feedback! You are right on track with your wish to see hero, wounded, and casualty poses. The third War at Troy set contains all three and will be released in the fall of 2017. Thank you again for the comments on the figures!

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