War at Troy Battle ~ Painted Figure Sets

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September 30, 2016
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November 11, 2016
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War at Troy Battle ~ Painted Figure Sets

The battles raged for over ten years before the Greeks devised an all-time ruse to gain access to the famed city of Troy.  Here are a number of photos with painted LOD Greeks and Trojans outside the walls along with a few photos of the defenders on the walls.

The last photo shows one shot of the pitched battle that would occur after the Greeks gain access via the Trojan Horse.  While not in Homer’s Iliad, the final battle is described in detail in other literary works as quick, bloody, and one-sided.  The Greeks make quick work of the fatigued Trojans who hours earlier had celebrated  what they thought was a victory over the invaders from Greece.

In addition to the detailed painted soldiers and chariots, the photos incorporate accessories from the Ben Hur playset as well as many pieces from Ron Barzso’s various playsets.

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