War at Troy & Walls of Troy – Collector Photos

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March 15, 2016
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July 12, 2016
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War at Troy & Walls of Troy – Collector Photos

One of my favorite (and humbling) things is sharing how collectors take the LOD plastic soldiers and fortification pieces and share their creative and artistic vision with others.

The collections below come from Canada, Brazil, Louisiana, and California.  Please feel free to send in your photos and share your creativity with the group.

image image

Atlantic Trojans interspersed with LOD Greeks and Trojans within and outside the Walls of Troy.  I love the chariots!  These pictures were anonymously shared from a collector in Canada.

image image image

This large Troy layout contains multiple towers, walls, and gates.  Even more impressive are the 1,650+ Greek and Trojan plastic warriors within the diorama.  Thank you for sharing Stephen.

image image image

These brightly painted figures are courtesy of California Steve.  Very vibrant and detailed.


This photo could be Achilles about to finish off Hector outside the Walls of Troy.  This photo arrived from Brazil and was shared by Marcelo.  Thank you for doing so.


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