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October 16, 2015
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Concept to Creation


The voyage from idea to concept to creation can feel a little stressful at times, but the pay-off is, ideally, a highly detailed figure that meets the expectations of collectors and fans of plastic toy soldiers.  Our first figure set, the War at Troy, has been both a rewarding experience as well as a learning one for me.  The sculptor, Susan Meyer, and I discussed and developed poses, armor, and weaponry for months and utilized 3D print/maker capabilities to create the models.

The image with the seven poses in various sizes show the first 3D print (red) to the multiple prints used to capture the appropriate size and detail (two clear, white, and small grey figure in the back) along with the the prototype (tan figure in foreground) and final edition (blue).

When looking from left to right, not too much changed other than the Trojan swordsman started as a right-hander then switched to a southpaw before settling on being right-handed for final production.  Open lines of communication with the sculptor and factory allowed the LOD team to maintain the level of detail we desired for the final figures.

I hope you agree and welcome any comments or suggestions.

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  1. Michael Bryan says:

    Pretty cool to see the process involving the 3-D printer. I expect if plastic figures continue to be produced this technology will play an ever larger part in designing, etc. Thanks for sharing this with collectors. Really interesting.

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Michael ~ thanks for the note and comment. I agree with you on 3D printing playing an even larger part in the design. The sculptor working with me was able to amend and create additional details no matter where she was and in real time. I believe 3D print technology will not hinder the creative process at all, but rather just the opposite.


  2. Tom Black says:

    Love the detail and historical accuracy on these figures.looking forward to more Trojan War figures but beyond Troy, what other periods of history are you interested in?

    • Ken Ciak says:

      Hello Tom …. Thanks for the comment and inquiry. I am planning on staying in ancient times for the next few releases. There will be a heroes of Troy set for 2017. After that, we are discussing a set of barbarians that battled Varus and his legions in 9 AD. There are also plans for an Assyrian set and accompanying siege machine components. Is there a particular era that you favor or would like to see?

      Thanks again,


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