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September 3, 2017
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September 20, 2017
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Wooden Horse of Troy


The Wooden Horse from LOD Enterprises is made of foam and stands just over 15″ in height and length.  The piece is scaled to fit with the Walls of Troy, the ancient warship, and the War at Troy figure set.


After ten years of combat and no resolution in sight, the Greeks grew desperate.  Morale was already low as Achilles had been felled in battle with an arrow to his only vulnerable spot.  Trojans allies from all over the known world continued to arrive to help protect the city.

The Greeks needed something new and fresh to try.  What they developed was one of the greatest ruses in military or world history.  They created a wooden horse to be given to the Trojans as a gift and the army broke camp, thus giving the appearance that they had given up on conquering the city.  What happened next and why has been debated for centuries.  Despite warnings not to treat the wooden horse as a gift, Priam had the war machine brought into the city not knowing a small war party was hiding inside ….

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